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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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D2.S1.Keynotes Speakers

Thursday, 10 November 2022
08:30 - 09:45

Plenary Room

Chair: Marcelo Bernal, Perkins&Will, USA

Keynote Conference
Architecture and Artificial Intelligence - Rise of a Paradigm
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Abstract. We are currently experiencing the emergence of a new design methodology based on the application of artificial intelligence. The rise of a new paradigm in architecture design. In this lecture, Dr. Matias del Campo and Dr. Sandra Manninger offer an insight into a wide spectrum of possible applications within this new design ecology. The lecture, based on the book “Neural Architecture”, approaches the problem from two specific directions: the theoretical underpinnings of design methods that are capable of interrogating the deep layers of the history of our discipline, and the implementation of AI as a practical tool. Painting a picture of an architecture design ecology that includes nonhuman players, estranged architectural objects, and a posthuman ethos regarding agency and authorship, the lecture provides an opportunity to interrogate an environment that is already a reality, surrounding us on a daily basis. How will the discipline adapt to this rapidly changing landscape? How can we, as architects, contribute to the ongoing dataset building and avoid the pitfalls of cultural and racial bias? Will it change the way we as architects work in the future? This and more will be discussed in the keynote lecture 'Architecture and Artificial Intelligence - Rise of a Paradigm'.

Keywords. Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Architecture, Theory, Philosophy, Paradigm, methodology, posthuman, postdigital, estrangement, defamiliarization, practice

Dr. Matias del Campo is a registered architect, designer, and educator. He is an Associate Professor at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan (UoM), director of the AR2IL – The Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at UoM, and affiliate faculty member of Michigan Robotics and MIDAS the Michigan Institute of Data Science. Most recently he published the AD Machine Hallucinations – Architecture and Artificial Intelligence with Wiley, and his book Neural Architecture – Design and Artificial Intelligence with ORO editions.

Dr. Sandra Manninger is an architect, researcher, and educator. Born and educated in Austria, she co-founded SPAN Architecture together with Matias del Campo in 2003.
SPAN Architecture’s research highlights how to go beyond beautiful data to discover something that could be defined voluptuous data. This coagulation of numbers, algorithms, procedures, and programs uses the forces of thriving nature and, passing through the calculation of multi-core processors, knits them with human desire.
Her award-winning projects have been published and exhibited internationally, e.g., at La Biennale di Venezia 14/16/18/21, MAK, Autodesk Pier 1 and have been included in the permanent collections of the FRAC, Design Museum in Munich, or the Albertina in Vienna.
Sandra Manninger has taught internationally at, e.g., the TU Vienna, University for Applied Arts, DIA Bauhaus in Dessau, UPenn, Tongji and Tsinghua Universities, at the University of Michigan, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Architecture.


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