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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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109: The Maker Movement and its relationship with contexts of socioeconomic inequality: a Fab Lab Livre SP Network case study
Original title: O Movimento Maker e sua relação com contextos de desigualdade socioeconômica: um estudo de caso da Rede Fab Lab Livre SP na cidade de São Paulo

Research in PORTUGUÊS

The aim of this article is to analyze and discuss the implementation of the Fab Lab Livre SP Network, a public network of digital fabrication laboratories located in the city of São Paulo, in a context of large popularization of the Maker Movement and its premises of technological democratization. Based on quantitative user data and on-site experience acquired through a practical workshop, results show different processes of digital fabrication technology appropriation according to the territorial distribution of these public Fab Labs - which include extremely vulnerable places, such as slums. Considering the heterogeneity of urban and social conditions found in São Paulo, the proposed discussion here situates digital fabrication technologies and the Maker Movement from a socioeconomic inequality perspective, typical of Latin American countries.
Digital Fabrication, Fab Lab, Public Policy, Social Inclusion, Maker Movement.

Daniella Naomi Yamana
Universidade de São Paulo

Paulo Eduardo Fonseca de Campos
Universidade de São Paulo


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