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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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115: Curve folding in form generation with digital fabrication
Original title: El plegado curvo en la generación de formas con fabricación digital

Research in ESPAÑOL

The combination of traditional morphological knowledge with digital manufacturing possibilities is fundamental for Design. Understanding how to create unthinkable shapes, when old boundaries are removed, opens generative possibilities for everyday objects. On the other hand, pre-digital knowledge provides conceptual resources to organize this new possibility. This interaction allows critical appropriation to take place. This research aims to incorporate curved folding through laser cutting as a tool to generate new forms, considering the value of pre-digital knowledge and of the benefits of digital fabrication in this area, compared to traditional cutting dies. The analysis of geometric aspects was the initial activity, defining the design variables for two kinds of patterns. Later different laminar materials were tested to determine the advantages and obstacles in each case. Finally, some of the results were implemented in products and verified in instructional activities with Industrial Design undergraduate students.
Digital Craft, Morphology, Design, Curve-folding, Materials

Patricia Laura Muñoz
Universidad de Buenos Aires


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