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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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146: Mapping of cultural heritage: the Palacete Bento Carlos, São Carlos - SP.
Original title: Mapeamento de patrimônio histórico: o Palacete Bento Carlos, São Carlos - SP.

Research in PORTUGUÊS

Documenting a historical heritage is always a complex process, especially in terms of data acquisition. However, the new technologies, in particular the scanning techniques with laser scanner and photogrammetry, allow a fast data acquisition. This research aims to carry out a scientifically based documentation of the Palacete Bento Carlos (1890), an example of the eclectic architecture of the interior of São Paulo, by applying a heritage documentation protocol as a way of standardizing the process and 3D mapping results, allowing access to information by different audiences.
Digital Heritage; Laser Scanner; Protocol; Photogrammetry; Cloud Point.

Gabriel Pazeti
Universidade de São Paulo

Simone Helena Tanoue Vizioli
Universidade de São Paulo

Alfonso Ippolito
Sapienza Università di Roma


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