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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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160: Evaluating spatial perception in virtual reality environments
Original title: Evaluación de percepción espacial en ambientes de realidad virtual

Research in ESPAÑOL

This work compares empirically the dimensional perception of architectural spaces in virtual reality. Thirty volunteers estimated dimensions in virtual reality scenarios built with different 3D modeling methods and with 360 photography. The results show that dimensions are clearly underestimated in scenarios built with 3D modeling, which is consistent with the literature. However, the errors were significantly lower in the scenario built with 360 photography. The study suggests that using 360 photography for building virtual reality experiences could represent an interesting alternative to reduce perceptual dimensional distortions.
Virtual Reality, Spatial Perception, 360 Photography

Francisca Viran
Universidad de Chile

Mauricio Loyola
Universidad de Chile


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