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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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164: Hydrological recovery of the landscape through generative design.
Original title: Recuperación hidrológica del paisaje mediante diseño generativo.

Research in ESPAÑOL

The climate crisis confronts us with global scenarios of water deficiency, which leads us to optimize rainwater harvesting (RWH) methods applied to landscapes. These are sophisticated projects with high technical investment per hectare designed and executed. Therefore, to balance the cost of engineering, through advanced digital design tools, it has become an objective to use landscape architecture as a resource for mitigating water deficit and climate change. In order to restore the relationship between the natural and built environment through virtual processing. This work exposes a new geometric analysis methodology, verified in a case study, which applies generative parametric programming to increase the water capacity of a natural landscape. This work demonstrates the potential of digital design for the ecological recovery of the territory.
Smart Cities and Environments, Sustainable Design, Generative Design, Mixed realities, hydrological design

Fernando Hernan Rodriguez Cortez
Gravitacional SPA.

Braulio Alfonso Gatica Laurie
Gravitacional SPA.

Rodrigo Garcia-Alvarado
Universidad del Bio Bio


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