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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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185: Notes for a general interpretation of the application of digital fabrication in the global south context
Original title: Notas para uma interpretação geral da aplicação da fabricação digital no contexto do sul global

Research in PORTUGUÊS

Over time, digital fabrication technologies were assimilated, based on project references, techniques and machinery from the global north, determining dependency relationships. Recently, architecture and design schools, fab labs, and design offices in South America have expanded their infrastructure in order to create laboratories using these technologies. The objective is to present framings about production plus a framework for the application of technologies. Originated from a thesis research, the methods that support the theoretical elaboration consisted of a bibliographic and systematic review of topics related to digital fabrication, information mapping, surveys, interviews and case studies carried out in South America. The contribution of the article is to provide a background for thinking, interpreting and executing procedures and artifacts with the support of digital fabrication, oriented to the development of our context. In addition, it deepens a critical view of this condition, which involves advances in socio-technical adequacy and innovation policies.
Digital Fabrication, Digital Theory, Design Innovation, Technological Appropriation, Hybrid Practices

Rodrigo Scheeren
Universidade Federal da Bahia

David Moreno Sperling
Universidade de São Paulo


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