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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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191: INTERCOM 2.0 – A web-based platform for collaborative design processes
Original title: INTERCOM 2.0 – A web-based platform for collaborative design processes

Research in ENGLISH

Next to the advantages of consistent 3D planning, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method also places new demands on the actors and thus primarily causes a change in the way of working. Against this background the paper discusses the development of the web-based BIM platform INTERCOM for collaborative planning processes in academia and AEC that enables monitoring, processing and assessment in a location and time independent environment. In addition to the technical advantages, a deeper, active and flexible discussion is intended to be created, involving all project partners. As such, INTERCOM is based on the openBIM idea and provides open access for all participants with a high degree of networking for solving complex planning tasks. The research showcases a further development of a previously implemented prototype and discusses the findings from the first academic projects, focussing on the collaborative workflow and the decision making throughout the design process.
Building Information Modeling (BIM), Collabroative Design Process, Common Data Environment (CDE), Architecture Curriculum

Marco Hemmerling
Cologne University of Applied Sciences


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