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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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232: Promoting experimentation and integrated design process through the exploration of the steam bending technique in wood: Essay F8 challenging orthogonality
Original title: Promoviendo la experimentación y el proceso de diseño integral a través de la exploración de la técnica de curveado en madera con vapor: Ensayo F8 – desafiando la ortogonalidad

Research in ESPAÑOL

Due to the lack of experimentation with wood on a real scale, which is needed to generate design proposals and discuss aesthetic, spatial, and structural alternatives in a multidisciplinary way. An experimental workshop for architecture and engineering students was developed. Using the wood steam bending technique to integrate design modeling and fabrication. It was explored following a collaborative methodology. The main results obtained included conceptualization sessions, prototyping, physical and digital modeling, and the development of work strategies (base plan, scaffolding, production, assembly, iteration, adjustments, and detailing) until the proposal scope met the expectations. From this workshop, remains the challenge of converting empirical knowledge into more precise work parameters. The need to complement the design phases with parametric software modeling, structural analysis, and fabrication methods was identified to open new teaching possibilities.
Interdisciplinary Design, Construction Experience, Steam Wood Bending

Viviana Paniagua Hernández
Universidad de Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Emily Vargas Soto
Universidad de Costa Rica
Costa Rica


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