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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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24: Soft Architecture: Application of Soft Robotics in the Design of Responsive-Interactive Architecture
Original title: Arquitectura Blanda: Aplicación De Soft Robotic En El Diseño De Arquitectura Responsiva-interactiva

Research in ESPAÑOL

The main objective of this research is to develop a method that can integrate responsive and interactive architecture through the application of soft robotics on a façade. To achieve this objective, a review of the main concepts, adaptive architecture (responsive-interactive) and soft robotics was first carried out. Secondly, recent studies and research that speak of the application of soft robotics in architecture are analyzed. With the knowledge acquired in the analyzes and reference studies, together with the help of programming and computational design tools, a scalable physical prototype was developed that manages to integrate both types of adaptive behaviors (responsive-interactive) in a single hybrid robotic system (soft-rigid), demonstrating the potential of soft robotics in architecture, in this case being applied to be sensitive and act on changes in temperature produced by solar radiation.
Robotics, Generative Design, Adaptive architecture, Sustainable Design, Soft

Cristian Aroca Vega
Universidad de chile

Sebastián Rozas Valenzuela
gt2P - Universidad de Chile


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