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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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246: Walking the Line: UX-XR Design Experiment for Ephemeral Installations in Pandemic Times
Original title: Caminando sobre la línea: Experimento de diseño UX-XR para instalaciones efímeras en tiempos de pandemia

Research in ENGLISH

Throughout COVID 19 Pandemic since 2020, it was necessary to generate instructional strategies including digital platforms for creative processes in architecture. This article exposes an experience that integrates pedagogical, operational, and technical dimensions in architecture virtual teaching. A pedagogical methodology was designed and implemented, fusing User Experience (UX) and Extended Reality (XR) during the architectural design process in a virtual experimental studio. The use of UX-XR as a designing-reviewing strategy in architecture, positively impacted the creative experience of both students and reviewers by enriching the perception of the space and interactively simulating the user experience. A friendly, fun, and socially inclusive environment was generated for learning architecture using synthetic media and Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVEs). The successful results of the students’ projects by phase are shown, revealing the significance of combining UX and XR, incorporating the metaverse as a canvas to review, recreate, interact, and assess architectural designs.
User Experience (UX), Extended Reality (XR), Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVE), Virtual Campus, Usability.

Gabriela Bustos Lopez
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee / Pluris XR
United States

Erwin Aguirre
Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana / Pluris XR


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