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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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268: A neo-postnatural high resolution aesthetic by Cellular Architecture
Original title: A neo-postnatural high resolution aesthetic by Cellular Architecture

Research in ENGLISH

The level of detail in architecture is part of our legacy since our discipline has existed as a catalogue of parts, linking art and nature by using concepts of imitation, selection, neatness, and ornament. This research expands the idea of “high resolution” in architecture as a step forward in defining detail and ornament as a way of finally merging the structural and functional dimension of space with the detail and ornamental dimension of a design proposal. In that framework, this work-in-progress research emerges as an opportunity to use Cellular Automata (CA) and its principles to create coherence between different scales in the inhabitable space from a bottom-up approach. CA principles work in both computational levels (as logical machines) and a biological simulator (artificial life), enabling us to cross borders between natural and unnatural in a multi-scale design approach.
Generative Design, Detail, High Resolution, Cellular Automata, Multi-scalar

Alberto Fernandez Gonzalez
University College London - University of Chile
United Kingdom


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