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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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279: Biodigital Jewelry Through Parametric Design and Additive Fabrication Technologies
Original title: Joyería biodigital a través de diseño paramétrico y fabricación digital aditiva

Research in ESPAÑOL

Traditional jewelry is the result of knowledge that have been inherited from generation to generation, a traditional activity focused on the skills and manual dexterity of the artisan. In recent decades, a new paradigm for jewelry has emerged thanks to the integration of parametric design and digital additive fabrication technologies. A design project was proposed, aimed to create a series of jewels connecting nature, emotions, and digital technologies. The following methodological sequence was carried out (1) Selection of referents from nature (2) Design concept (3) Parameterized morphological synthesis (4) Morphological explorations (5) Detailed design (6) Materialization through additive fabrication technologies (7) User testing and emotional evaluation (8) Conclusions and improvement proposal. People perceived that the proposals were based on nature, there was a tendency towards positive emotions, such as fascination, desire, pride and hope. Finally, the methods used can be used in other design projects.
Bio-inspired design, Biophilic design, Parametric design, Digital fabrication technologies, Additive fabrication technologies.

David A. Torreblanca-Díaz
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana


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