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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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297: ePortfolio as a Techno-pedagogical Strategy for Networked Learning in the Architectural Design Studio
Original title: ePortfolio como Estrategia Tecno-pedagógica para el Aprendizaje en Red en el Taller de Diseño Arquitectónico

Research in ESPAÑOL

This paper shows and describes the experience of the ePortfolio implementation in architectural training for promoting Networked Learning (NL). The aim was to analyze the potential of ePortfolio, as a techno-pedagogical strategy to develop and enhance connections and learning integrations among students who belong in the second year of the Architectural Design Studio. The research had a descriptive methodology with a mixed approach over fourteen cohorts of the same training cycle across the years 2012 to 2018, considering a total of 336 students. The results reveal that ePortfolio, conceived inside the techno-pedagogical model, articulates a set of learning connections between students and learning situations and promotes the construction of an active collaboration net, which evidence NL development in the formative process.
ePortfolio, Networked Learning, ICT, Architectural Teaching, Techno-pedagogy

Miguel Roco
Universidad de Concepción


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