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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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38: Experimenting with generative algorithmic design using bamboo
Original title: Experimentando el diseño algorítmico generativo a través del bambú

Research in ESPAÑOL

This article arises as an analysis of the practical group work carried out in the course within the framework of our Master's Degree in Architecture, and seeks to comprehend and expand on the logic and dynamics that underlie the digital paradigm and the incorporation of algorithmic practices as possible design generators (Centro de Integración Digital, 2022). By quantitatively and experimentally delving into the knowledge acquired in the course, we integrate the experience of parametric design from a scientific point of view through a process of searching for and solving problems. Our team explored the possibilities that generative algorithmic design offers us when working with a natural material namely bamboo, as a contribution to the mix between digital and bio-sustainable materials. Exploring the approach that digitalization offers us as designers and the role that we are called to play as architects of this time.
Sustainable Design, Digital architecture with bamboo, Sustainable construction, Experimentation with digital design.

Natalia Porley
Universidad de la República


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