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SIGraDi 2022 | Critical Appropriations

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8: Design and publication of content as a form of sociotechnical interaction. Case study practice of social appropriation of internet #OriónNuncaMás
Original title: Diseño y publicación de contenidos como forma de interacción sociotécnica. Caso de estudio práctica de apropiación social de internet #OriónNuncaMás

Research in ESPAÑOL

Digital social networks are an actor that mediates a big part of social interactions. Therefore, inclusive design should put the accent not on technology, if not, what people do with it. Under this purpose, through the ethnographic method, it characterized one of the practices of social appropriation of the internet for peace in Comuna 13 of Medellín, Colombia. As result, it is evident that the design and publication of content are a form of sociotechnical interaction that connect technology, people and social contexts, which expands the design/use relationship.
Inclusive Design; Social Appropriation; Sociotechnical Interaction; Social Network; Internet

Maribel Rodríguez-Velásquez
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana


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